Create New Salesforce Sign Projects using PDF

Business Background

Create a document with single or multiple predetermined signers using the robust Titan signing process with static data or dynamic Salesforce data.

Use the PDF option to add a PDF document where the layout, content or structure of the document may not be changed, for instance, legal, medical, and real-estate documents.

Titan Solution

Use Titan Sign, tailor-made for Salesforce, to automate signing processes with PDF documents and preserve the layout and contents but still have signers sign interactive fields.

For dynamic Word documents, create a Titan Sign Word project.

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How to Guide


Optional step:

Do the one-time setup to create general email templates for all Titan Sign projects.

  1. On the Titan Dashboard, click on the New Project button. The Select Project Type screen opens.
New Project button on Titan Dashboard
New Project button on Titan Dashboard
  1. Click on the Doc Gen option and click on the Next button. The Select Doc Gen option opens.
Doc Gen project type on screen
Doc Gen project type on screen
  1. Click on the E-Signature option and click on the Next button. A new Sign project opens.
Sign option on screen
Sign option on screen
  1. Add a static PDF document here, or upload a PDF document by clicking in the block. The document will be uploaded to the server.
Drop PDF document into the Salesforce Sign project
Drop PDF document into the Sign project
  1. Use the options on the left of the screen to drag and drop fields onto the PDF document. You can position the fields to suit your business needs.
Drag fields
Drag fields

You can drag basic, advanced and/or Salesforce fields to the PDF.

Drag fields
Drag fields
  1. Click the Settings option and then the Document access option. Based on the Document access, you may have to configure signers for the fields.
    • Public: When a document is public, it is publically accessible, and the signers have not been predetermined. These documents can be accessed by anyone who has the link. No Salesforce logic is used when the user signs the document, but the signed documents can be pushed to Salesforce.
    • Private: Automate the signing processes for your clients who are not necessarily Salesforce users. Automatically sync the signed files with Salesforce in real-time.
    • Dynamic: Automatically sync data with Salesforce in real-time.

You can prepopulate the fields from Salesforce. You can push the data to Salesforce. The fields completed by users will be populated on the final document.


You may also need to set up the collaborator permissions. Click here for more information.

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