Document Access – Public

Business Background

Create a document for single signers using the robust Titan signing process together with static access data or dynamic Salesforce data.

When a document is public, it is publically accessible, and the signers have not been predetermined. These documents can be accessed by anyone who has the link. No Salesforce logic is used when the user signs the document, but the signed documents can be pushed to Salesforce.

Titan Solution

Use Titan Sign, and automate the signing processes for public users, for example, when signing a petition. Automatically sync data with Salesforce in real-time, using zero code.

How to Video

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How to Guide


Dynamic Word templates cannot be public.

  1. Click the Settings option and then the Document access option.
  2. Click on the Public radio button.
Document access option
Document access option
  1. Click the Publish button. The URL for the document is generated and can be distributed. Any person with the link can access and sign the document.
Document URL
Document URL

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