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Business Background

Create a contract with single or multiple predetermined signers using the robust Titan signing process together with static data or dynamic Salesforce data.

Titan Solution

Using Titan Sign, tailor-made for Salesforce, automate signing processes for your clients. Automatically sync data with Salesforce in real-time, using zero code.

How to Video

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How to Guide

  1. Click the Settings option and then the Document access option.
  2. Click the Dynamic radio button and then the Salesforce Configuration button. The Salesforce Configuration screen opens.
Document added to Sign project
Document added to Sign project
  1. Select the Salesforce object from the drop-down list.
    • This is the object from which the signing process will be triggered.
    • For example, if you want to send the document to your contacts, select Contacts from the list.
  2. Click in the checkboxes as necessary:
Salesforce Configuration screen
Salesforce Configuration screen
  • Allow Salesforce button: When you enable this option, the project will be visible in the projects list if we initiate the process from an FT Document Generation button or from Titan Sign Wizard.
  • AEPX/Process builder/Flow: Click in this checkbox if you wish to initiate the project from an APEX, Process builder, or Flow.
  • Enable filter: Click in this checkbox if you want to add a filter. The project will be relevant to the Salesforce records corresponding to this filter.
  • Custom menu: Configure custom menus. The following options are available:
    • Sign
    • Sign and Send
    • Download
    • View
  1. If necessary, click the Custom menu checkbox. A Configure button is added.
  2. Click the Configure button.
Salesforce Configuration screen
Salesforce Configuration screen
  1. Click an option in the Allowed column on the left and click the > button to move the option to the Used column.
  2. Alternatively, click the >>> button to move all the Allowed options to the right.
  3. Click on the Apply button.
Custom menu screen
Custom menu screen

Only the custom button is added to the FT Document Generate button.

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  1. Click the Apply button on the Salesforce Configuration screen.

You also need to set up the collaborator permissions. Click here for more information.

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