June 3rd, 2022

New Features

Titan Web

Create a Custom Tab Order

You can create a custom tab order (using the Tab button on the keyboard) to guide users. Read More

Change the Radius of Input fields

We added an option to change the radius of Input fields that lets you style the fields according to your requirements.  Only the following input fields can be styled: Filled, Classic, or Outlined.  Read More

Hide the tooltip, or change the styling

You can now design the styling of the tooltip or completely hide it. Read More

Hide the Footer

You can switch the footer off for pages where you don’t want to have a footer.  it will give your page a less cluttered, cleaner look. Read More

Reset State Action for Modals

 If you have a custom modal, the default is that any of the content inside the modal doesn’t reset when closing and reopening the modal. 

The new Reset State lets you reset the modal content so input fields will be cleared or get back to default. For instance, you can reset the modal every time it is closed. Read More

Titan Docs

Salesforce Custom Labels in Word Add-in

You can now use Custom Labels from Salesforce in your Word Mapping. This allows you to have one template that you can use for several languages, and you do not have to create a different template for each language. Read More

Use Web Project Fields in a Document Template

We added the options Salesforce and Web project to the Insert/Edit Field in the Form Titan add-in for Word. This is to make it easier to map and differentiate between Salesforce mapping, Web Mapping and dynamic fields mapping from a Web project. The Web Project field mappings will be static with no ability for the end user to edit them on top of the previewed document. Read More

Charts for the Word Add-In

We improved charts for the Word add-in. Read More

Titan Survey

Show Navigation Panel was added to the Slide Settings - Hybrid surveys

The option Show Navigation Panel was added to the Slide Settings for Hybrid Surveys. You can now show or hide the navigation panel. Read More

Titan Flow

Invoke Titan Flow from another Flow

We added a feature where one Titan Flow can invoke another Titan Flow. This is meant to help you reuse your Titan Flows instead of recreating them every time, and especially useful when you have a complex flow that you need in another project as well.  Read More

Titan Platform

CLM - New Options for Doc Gen

We added a new option to DocGen for the Contract Life Management (CLM) product. Read More

Bug Fixes

Titan Web

We refined the preview mode for different device sizes so that the builder for a specific device looks like the preview for that device.

We fixed the border styling for a Stepper element.

We fixed a bug where the selected labels were shown incorrectly in the preview of the WordMapping for the following elements.

  • Drop-down fields
  • Multi-select picklist field
  • Radio field

We removed the inactive option to fill the background of a radio button. 

Power Tables:

  • We fix a bug on the Fill option for Input style on Power Tables.
  • You can now set Auto Grow and Pagination per device layout. This was not possible previously. The default is that Auto Grow and Pagination are the same for all device layouts.

We fixed a bug in custom modals where it was not possible to copy and paste form elements in the custom modal. 

The JS that was affected by fields did not evaluate when there was a change. This was fixed.

We fixed a bug in the global formatting setting for the input on a power table. This will affect all the power tables in the project inputs.

Path: Project > Style > Configure > Complex Elements > PowerTable > Input fields > Input

We increased the size of the JS Action input window.

We fixed a bug where the X (Close) button didn’t show on warning and information messages unless it had a title.

The validation was not working in a stepper with a field inside a form element. We fixed this.

We fixed a bug on the UI for a bulk push action. When a user unclicked the Record ID mode, the number in the “record in each batch” field didn’t clear.

There was an alignment error for two or more input fields. This was fixed.

The default value for a radio button was still present and valid, even though the default was deleted. We fixed this.

We fixed a cosmetic issue with the layout of a checkbox in a form in the RTL mode. 

There was a bug where a button inside a Form element couldn’t be used to set up a toast as the checkboxes could not be checked. This was fixed.

We fixed a bug where the autosuggest functionality in a custom modal didn’t work.

When putting a power table inside a tab, the power table didn’t show up in the Table Element list of Table Interactivity on Element Interactivity when adding a node to Actions Flow.

There was a bug where the style didn’t import to another project. This was fixed.

We fixed a bug where fields changed position when zooming on an interactive document.

When selecting a .gif file with a .png file, the .gif didn’t merge in the final document. This was fixed.

We fixed a display issue on mobile devices. The footer and the catalog items didn’t display correctly.

We added a confirmation message when you delete a role under Access Control: “Please confirm. You are about to delete a role, are you sure?”

There was a bug in the element rules for disallowing or hiding elements (such as the custom modal, custom drawer, and charts) for a role under Access Control. This was fixed.

Path: Project Settings > User Access > Access control > Gear icon.

Titan Docs

We fixed a bug that occurred when setting a value to the label of a modal.

We added a progress screen when processing the changes that a user made.  The loading screen will appear on the Word add-in when saving conditions in the object get filters and copying the conditions from Preview to Publish. 

Titan Survey

We fixed bugs in the gradient color styling of a slide, and in the display of a ratings input in the preview mode.

Titan Sign

The first signer in a process erroneously received an email even though they signed on the Web.  Their details were not updated in the signature log. These bugs were fixed.

There was an invalid error message when sending a document to be signed. This was fixed.

There were issues to drag or drag-and-drop an element in Titan Sign wizard. We fixed this.

We fixed a bug where a signature didn’t save when a user saved the document as a draft.

On projects with the Right-to-Left setting for some elements, the text in the element (such as placeholder) was back-to-front in the builder instead of displaying from right to left. This was fixed.

Titan Flow

We standardized the naming convention for the Titan product called Flow. The name “Workflow” is no longer used.

We fixed a bug where a DocGen document that was sent as an attachment from Flow, couldn’t be delivered.

Titan Web

Dashboard: We fixed a bug that displayed brackets as )( in stead of () when doing a search on the Dashboard.

Dashboard: We changed the labels on a project to be uniform. For instance, the Kebab button on a project will open an option “Purchase more projects” and not “Purchase more objects.

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