Hide Footer

Business Background

Hide footer options, using Titan Web.

Titan Solution

  • Switch the footer off for specific pages, or layouts.
  • Create an uncluttered and cleaner look by removing a footer where it is not required to suit your business needs.

How to Video

  • 0:03 Learn how to hide the footer visibility between different pages.
  • 0:11 You can click on view button next to Footer.
  • 0:20 Now that you have the footer on the bottom, you can customize it as you like.
  • 0:35 You can add a heading, title etc.
  • 1:08 You can add another page.
  • 1:28 Watch how easy it is to hide the footer for page 2 or any number of pages that you add.
  • 1:41 Learn how to go back to your project – showing a layer list.
  • 1:57 Preview how the footer has been hidden.
  • 2:08 And that is how it is done.

How to Guide



Ensure your footer is enabled by visiting:

Pages > Manage Menus > Footer

  1. To hide your footer per page or layout, select the View button next to Footer. The footer is removed, and the footer option is greyed out.
  2. To add the footer to the page, select the greyed-out View button.
Footer View button
Footer View button

For example, the blue footer is enabled for desktop view:

Enabled footer for desktop view screen
Enabled footer option

But for the same page on a Laptop device, selecting the view button has enabled you to hide the footer for this layout. As you can see, the blue strip is now invisible.

Hide layout footer screen
Hide layout footer

Hidden Title

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