Change Radius of Input Field

Business Background

Set the radius of the input field to suit your individual needs and the requirements of your project in Titan Web.

Titan Solution

Titan Web offers your business three input variants to style, such as filled, classic, or outline, for your project needs.

How to Video

  • 0:01 A brief introduction on how to set the border-radius on input fields in Titan Web.
  • 0:13 Learn how to style your input fields individually.
  • 0:38 Watch how to customize your input fields at a project level.

How to Guide

Only the following Input Variants can be styled: Filled, Classic, or Outlined. 


Select here to view how to style Input Variants.

  1. Select the Styling button of the Input field.
  2. Select the Input option.
  3. Select the Border option.
  4. Set the radius for the Input field.
Input field styling button screen
Input field styling button

0 = square corners and 100 = round corners.

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