Edit Mode for Document Generation

Business Background

Edit a document that has been dynamically generated from Salesforce with Titan Web.

Titan Solution

  • Using Titan Web, you can edit a document template, which has been dynamically generated from Salesforce.
  • Titan’s edit mode for document generation does not impact the original document.
  • Titan lets you give your customers the option to modify your document after it has been uploaded.

How to Video

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How to Guide


Upload a document template to Titan.

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Path to Edit Mode for Document Generation:

Project Settings > Tools > Document Generation > Templates > Edit > Enable Edit toggle switch

  1. Drag the toggle button to the right to set the Edit option on Document Generation to on.
  2. Configure the actions triggering your document, for example, by selecting the Gear icon of the On Submit Action.
Document generation settings - edit tab
Document Generation screen – Edit
  1. Click the + icon. The Add Node screen opens.
  1. Select Document Generation under the User Interaction tab.
Add Node>Document Generation
  1. Select the template you want to edit, and choose Edit as your action.
Add Node/Document Generation screen
  1. Click the Next button.
  2. Add a tag if necessary and select the Insert button. The node is added to the On Action screen.
  3. Click the Apply button.

Users can edit the document when they trigger the edit action for the uploaded template. The document they will be editing has already been generated with Salesforce data, and by editing the upload, they are not impacting the original document.

They can use the text formatting tools on the right of the screen to make changes, for instance, font type, color, bold, underlining, or any of the text formatting tools. They can also change the existing text, delete, or add text to the document.

Edit action screen

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