Configure Actions for Doc Gen Edit Mode

Business Background

Easily configure actions for document generation, with the document generation edit mode with Titan Web.

Titan Solution

  • Configure document generation actions for a template, which has been dynamically generated from Salesforce.
  • Set custom or standard actions for this document such as pushing to Salesforce, re-directing to a specific page, printing, emailing, and much more, to suit your business needs.
  • Editing this uploaded template does not impact or alter the original document.

How to Video

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How to Guide



You need to have configured edit mode for document generation.


Path to enable actions:

Project Settings > Tools > Document Generation > Edit Template > Edit > Configure the actions you want to use

  1. Make sure that the Enable Edit toggle switch is enabled.
    • All standard buttons have been enabled by default, but you can select or de-select any options you want. It is also possible to add custom actions by selecting Add Action.
    • The On Submit Action enables you to push your updated document, with all edits, to Salesforce.
      • This is a standard button that needs to be configured.
      • For example, you can configure a push to Salesforce or to Titan Flow to send a message to Google Drive.
    • The On Cancel Action will cancel the document changes and is a standard button that needs to be configured.
      • You can configure it to redirect to a different page, show a message, or anything else you like.
    • The On Print Action will open the standard Print screen, where the user can print the updated document to a printer or pdf.
    • The On Download Action will download the updated document to a user’s designated downloads folder with all changes.
Document Generation Settings - edit tab
Document Generation – Edit
  1. Configure the On Submit Action and On Cancel Action by selecting their respective gear icons. The On Action screen opens.
  2. Select the + icon and configure the node of your choice.
+ Icon to add Salesforce action.
+ Icon

For instance, a Salesforce action can be selected, and to configure a push to Salesforce, you need to follow the prompts.

Salesforce Action for Doc Gen
Add Node screen

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