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Released 24 May, 2024

Address Validation

Address validation is the process of ensuring that the address a customer added to a website exists and is accurate. This helps to prevent errors in shipping and delivery. Read More

Text Elements Accessibility Improvement

Make sure that your project is compatible with assistive technologies, such as screen readers. ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) is a set of attributes that can be added to HTML elements to provide additional information to assistive technologies, making web content more usable and understandable for users with various disabilities. We improved the accessibility for text elements. Read More

Button Element Improvement

You can now use the Disable on Execution option to disable the button when conditions, rules, or actions are running. This option is especially valuable when you don’t want a user to be able to click the button when complex logic is running in the background. Read More

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Released 17 May, 2024
Released 10 May, 2024

Form Improvement

We improved the error handling on merged columns to prevent data loss. When columns have been merged, it is not possible to move another column across the merged columns. Also, a column containing merged cells cannot be moved.

Learn more about merging columns in forms.

Multi-Step Container Styling Improvement

You can now style the size of the progress bar on a multi-step container using percentages.

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Read more about the progress bar.

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Released 03 May, 2024

File Upload Element - Accessibility Improvement

We improved the accessibility of the file upload element. The View and Delete icons are now visible when the Accessibility mode is switched on. Read more about the View List File Menu.

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Released 19 April, 2024
Released 12 April, 2024

Clear Styles on Switch

The Clear Styles on Switch option is available for the multi-stepper container. The style or size of the multi-step container will be restored when switching to the next or previous step. There will not be an unnecessary vertical scrollbar. Read More


Tracker Widget Improvements

You can now add conditions on the tracker widget.

Learn more about the tracker widget or conditions.

Element Improvement

The checkbox and radio button elements are now transparent when clicked, making positioning and aligning them easier. They are not transparent when the element is not clicked or when multiple elements are selected.

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Released 05 April, 2024

Keep Focus in Modal

We added the modal interactivity “Keep Focus in Modal.” When checked, the Tab focus will remain on the elements in the modal and never focus on the elements on the page in the background. Read More

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Released 28 March, 2024
Released 22 March, 2024

Hide Skeleton Image

You can now hide the skeleton image of the loading page while the content is being fetched or processed. Read More

Pagination in Power Tables Improvement

The pagination control can now float in the bottom center of the power table. This is very useful for a table with a horizontal scrollbar, as the floating pagination controls will always be displayed in the center of the table. Read More

Condition Node Improvement

You can now clone a rule that will enable you to easily make a few changes instead of creating a rule from scratch. Read more about how to configure conditions.

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Released 15 March, 2024

Interactive Images Element

The interactive image allows your users to mark positions on an image to indicate specific locations.

This can be used by medical teams to map human body pain points, by car leasing or rental companies to map damage to a returned vehicle, or by a safety inspector who is surveying a room/facility. Read More

Drop-Down Element Improvements.

We made several improvements to the drop-down element. We added the following options under Interactivity:

Automated Reminder Improvement

You can now configure any number of automated email reminders to prompt signers to sign a document. Read More

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Released 08 March, 2024

Button Group Styling Improvement

The software was updated to allow users to define the text alignment for button group elements with vertical orientation.

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SmartV OTP Widget Improvement

We added the Clear warning on re-enter checkbox to auto-clear the warning (shown after an incorrect SmartV OTP was entered) when the user starts to re-type the OTP code. Read More

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Released 01 March, 2024
Released 23 February, 2024

Set Variables

You can now set values to variables in Titan Flow to create more streamlined flows that are aligned with your business process requirements. Read more

Node Improvements

We made improvements to the Flow:

  • The focus is automatically in the Filter field.
  • A node can be selected by double-clicking it.
  • If a node has been selected with the mouse pointer, pressing the Enter key on the keyboard will open the next screen.
  • The Tag field will be auto populated with the node name. The tag name can also indicate an action, for instance, “Salesforce Action Contact (create)” or “Convert image to png.”

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Guide Lines for Elements

We added guide lines so that you can now easily position input fields and other elements when creating and modifying Titan Sign projects. The lines will indicate the position of an element on the builder. This is especially helpful when you need to place elements aligned to other elements or text.

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Released 09 February, 2024

Export Project

You can now export a project from within the project builder instead of from the Dashboard. This way, you can be 100% sure you are exporting the correct project. Read More

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Released 02 February, 2024