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Released 15 September, 2023

SmartV OTP Widget

You can now set up a custom OTP that integrates with Salesforce or other third-party apps that provide OTP services. An OTP is a temporary, randomly generated numeric or alphanumeric code typically sent to a user’s mobile device or email address.

Please get in touch with your CS manager for more information on how to use Titan’s SmartV OTP widget.

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Released 08 September, 2023

Custom Focus

Clients can now clearly see which fields/buttons they are interacting with, especially when tabbing between elements, as you can now configure a custom focus on the project level. Read More

Verify Field Position

The page layout of a document may change when collaborators revise the content, especially if a lot of content was added, changed, or deleted, which means that the fields that were added to the original document may no longer be in the correct positions. You can now check the positions of the fields and drag them to the correct positions on the pages when necessary. Read More

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Released 31 August, 2023

Components: Logic of Components

You can now save the logic inside components. However, components are available across projects, and the mapping on elements outside the saved component that affects elements on the inside or mapping on elements inside the component that affects elements on the outside will be lost when a component is saved. Read more about Components.

Device Layouts: AI Responsiveness

We improved the Responsive settings by adding device fluid width and auto-scale options. Read More

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Released 25 August, 2023
Released 18 August, 2023
Released 11 August, 2023

Refresh Devices

We added the option to refresh devices. This option automatically resets all active device layouts to inherit styles and/or content according to the desktop changes. Read More

Comparison Card Widget

We added the comparison card widget with which you can compare information in a card format with simple rows and columns. Read More

Accessibility Improvements

Make sure that your document is compatible with assistive technologies, such as screen readers. Aria (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) is a set of attributes that can be added to HTML elements to provide additional information to assistive technologies, which helps in making web content more usable and understandable for users with various disabilities. Read More

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Released 04 August, 2023

File Viewer - Use Static Files

We improved the file viewer widget to upload static files, such as PDF, PNG, or TXT files. Read More

Sign URL

We added the option to generate a sign URL from the Titan Wizard in Salesforce. This URL can be sent to a signer through means other than email. Read More

Open a Case

We improved the process of logging a support case. Read More

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Released 21 July, 2023

Ignore Salesforce Validations

You can ignore the validation on Salesforce Get integrations. Read More

Word add-on - Preview PDF

You can preview the dynamic PDF version of the template you configure with the Titan Word add-in. Read More

One Click Sign – Clear Signatures

You can clear a single instance or all the signatures that were added using the One Click Sign functionality. Read More

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Released 13 July, 2023

Web SmartV - Wrong OTP

Control what happens when a user uses the wrong OTP when logging in to your project. Read More

Configure Reply to Emails

You can now control where email replies are sent to. You can add a static address, send the reply to the current Salesforce user, or use an organization-wide address. Read More

Insert Interactive Fields

We have added the option to select the type and size of interactive document fields in a Word template. Read More

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Released 07 July, 2023

Multiple Signers on Single Device

You may have multiple people that must sign a document using a single device. Now each signer can sign the fields assigned to them on that same device using the same session. Read More

Pinch Zoom and Legacy Zoom

We have enhanced the zoom functionality for mobile devices. We added the pinch in and out operation, where the user zooms in and out on the document by pinching their fingers on the screen. This is the default zoom method.

If you don’t want to use this functionality, click the Legacy Zoom checkbox under Optimization. The user can use the toolbar on the side of the screen to zoom the document. If the user pinch zooms on a document with Legacy Zoom on, the browser, and not the document, zooms.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-587x1024.png

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Released 30 June, 2023

Word add-in: Signature Type - Initials

We added the signature type “Initials” to the Word add-in. Signers can now add initials to a document. Read More

One Click Sign

With Titan Sign, you can use our new one-click sign functionality with which a signer configures their signature once. When they click on any other signature fields assigned to them, that signature is added automatically. Read More

Hide Preview Panel

Hide the preview panel on a document to make it less cluttered. Read More

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Released 23 June, 2023

Stacked Line Chart

We added a stacked line chart to Titan Web. A stacked line chart can compare trends over time of two or more data sets corresponding with colored lines. Read More

Configure LWC - Force JWT Session

We added the option to force a JWT session when configuring Salesforce LWC.

For more information about Salesforce LWC, read here.

Document Generation

We updated the document generation functionality in Titan Flow. Read More

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Released 16 June, 2023
Released 09 June, 2023

SmartV Registration Page - Value Rules

We added the Registration Settings functionality to SmartV Registration pages to configure Value Rules. Read More

Modal Layout Actions - Dynamic Title

You can now create a custom dynamic title when configuring modal layout actions. Read More

Pre-generate Documents

We added the option to pre-generate a document. The Allow Pre-Generate option lets you generate the document and save it in Salesforce before you send the URL to your user. Pre-generating a document minimizes the reliance on client-side resources, such as processing power or memory. Read More

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Released 02 June, 2023

Enable Versions

We have made exciting enhancements to the version control processes for Web projects. Versioning allows you to create and store multiple snapshots or iterations of your website, enabling you to revert to previous versions if needed and keep a record of changes for reference or collaboration purposes. Read More

Single Sign-On Enhancement

We enhanced the SSO authentication mechanism with Salesforce or another third party as an Identity Provider (IDP) to verify user credentials and grant access to various connected applications. We now validate that a user has a valid SSO session as well as their identity. Read More

Export Projects Enhancement

We enhanced the functionality to export a project from one account to another (for instance, from the sandbox to the production environment) without changing the project ID. This will ensure that all the project integration logs, submissions, and payment configurations will still work correctly.

The system uses the improved version control to create a new version in the production environment.

The project is no longer deleted from the destination environment. This change is relevant to Web, Survey, and Forms 2.0.

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