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What should you know about Third-Party Apps and Software Integrations?

Third-Party Apps and Software integrations create connections between apps. This enables sharing of data and records across a variety of systems. You can integrate your Salesforce and several third-party apps and software with Titan. These apps can be used in various operations with all Titan products. You can grant and revoke access at any stage in just a few clicks.

How to Video

  • 0:02 An introduction to Integrations.
  • 0:09 Navigate to the Integrations portal.
  • 0:30 Learn about the different Salesforce integrations.
  • 0:56 We show you how to authenticate.
  • 1:09 Discover how to check which apps are authenticated.
  • 1:20 We show you how to revoke access.

How do you Integrate Third-Party Software and Apps?

  1. Select the Settings tab and navigate to the Integration sub-tab.
Integrations screen

The first app you should integrate is Salesforce. This ensures that all Salesforce data and resources are available in your Titan product.

You can either connect to Sandbox or Production. If you need to connect to both you will require two separate environments in your account settings. Read through our Environment article to learn more.

  1. Select the Authenticate button to authenticate an app, for example, Salesforce. The Salesforce screen opens.
  2. Click the Log In button to log in.
Authentication for Salesforce Log In Screen
Salesforce Authentication Log In Screen
  1. To view Authenticated and Authorized apps scroll to the top of the page.
Authenticated applications view
Authenticated applications
  1. Click the Revoke icon to remove access rights.
Revoke access icon
Revoke access icon

Check out these articles for more information on third-party apps:

Visit our resource center to learn more about integrations.

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