April 12th, 2024

New Features

Titan Web

Clear Styles on Switch

The Clear Styles on Switch option is available for the multi-stepper container. The style or size of the multi-step container will be restored when switching to the next or previous step. There will not be an unnecessary vertical scrollbar. Read More


Tracker Widget Improvements

You can now add conditions on the tracker widget.

Learn more about the tracker widget or conditions.

Titan Sign

Element Improvement

The checkbox and radio button elements are now transparent when clicked, making positioning and aligning them easier. They are not transparent when the element is not clicked or when multiple elements are selected.

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Bug Fixes

Titan Web

The width of elements in a form cell in an autofit container changed unexpectedly when the project was previewed. This was fixed.

The column height of a repeat autofit container didn’t show a scrollbar as expected. Our team resolved this.

We fixed a small cosmetic UI issue where a horizontal scrollbar was shown on the Project Settings menu list on smaller monitors.

A bug occurred when the first row in a form was merged. Columns could be moved to the left, but it was no longer possible to move columns to the right. Our team fixed this bug.

We extended support for custom and auto focus in SVGs and Typography for textual elements.

Learn more about custom and auto focus.

It was incorrectly possible to schedule multiple events in the same time slot using the scheduler widget. Our team implemented a fix.

Learn more about the scheduler widget.

We fixed a bug that caused translated value rules to remain in the translated language instead of switching back to the default language.

Learn more about translations and value rules.

We corrected the Duplicate context menu option that placed tabs, accordion, animation, or stepper components inside the original component instead of on the strip.

We fixed an issue where a modal was only partially visible in some instances when embedding the project in an IFrame.

We fixed an issue that triggered validation on fields even when a repeat auto-fit container was hidden.

When checking if a formatted value equals 0, the condition on the power table column was triggered for every row, whether the condition was met or not. We implemented changes, and this functionality now works as expected.

Our team fixed a bug where the value from a subcomponent in a power table was inaccessible.

The tooltip didn’t disappear when a cell in a power table was updated and the mouse cursor was moved away from the field. The software was updated to resolve this issue.

The Fill styling option was duplicated on the multi-select picklist element. We fixed this cosmetic bug.

The modal height or width could not be changed on a mobile device (L and S) layout, but we fixed it.

Titan Survey

Once an object field had been selected, the object mapping could not be changed. We implemented a fix, and you can now successfully change the object.

Learn more about object mapping in Surveys.

On a slide with multiple questions, some mandatory, the focus was not on the uncompleted mandatory question when the Next button was clicked and the validation was done. The user couldn’t see that the question still needed to be completed. Our team resolved this issue.

Titan Sign

We added the missing options to translate all the captions on a Titan Sign document.

Learn more about captions.

We have fixed a bug in the radio button element that was inconsistent between the builder, the generated document, and the final signed document.

Titan Flow

We fixed issues that affected the integration tag and the default Flow RecordID field when adding a Salesforce Flow in Titan Flow.

Our team resolved an issue where a single variable from Salesforce Flow didn’t display on the Parameters tab when configuring an integration action in Titan Flow. When there were multiple variables, all of them were shown.

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