SmartV Styling

Business Background

Website security is more important than ever.

  • Authentication and verification of users allow you to limit access to webpages that may contain protected information to intended users only.
  • It is important that your users can verify themselves quickly and easily, providing greater security and improving the user experience. This will save costs and protect your business effectively.
  • Protect your content from data breaches and ensure your customers’ data is safe.

Titan Solution

  • You can add smart validation to your projects. Smart validation adds a double verification to your project. You can add a one-time password or two-factor authentication (2FA). This is safer than using just an email and password method of verification.
  • SmartV lets you define certain pages with password protection. Users will have to authenticate themselves before accessing those pages.
  • Titan lets you add protection to your entire project, or you can add the verification on page level.


Make sure that you have configured the SmartV functionality in your Titan project.

You can style the screens depending on which SmartV functionality you configured.

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