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Business Background

Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of security to an account. However, copying the verification code from the email and pasting it on the webpage may be time-consuming.

Titan Solution

With Titan Web, you can add a one-time SmartV quick link that offers the same level of security but saves the user a number of clicks and lets authenticated users quickly access the webpage.

How to Video

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How to Guide

  1. Configure the Login screen.
  2. Configure the Condition screen.
  3. Use the Two-Factor Authentication toggle switch to switch it on.
    • Learn more about the other options on the screen.
Two-Factor Authentication toggle switch
Two-Factor Authentication toggle switch

To use the SmartV quick link, you must have a text field in your chosen object in Salesforce that can hold at least 300 characters. The URL for the user to access the webpage will be populated in this field.

Authentication options
Authentication options

As soon as a user has clicked the link once, it expires and cannot be used again as it is only valid for a single session.

  1. Configure an automation in Salesforce to send the link to a user once it is populated.

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