SmartV Preview

Business Background

Preview the SmartV configuration. You can configure session length and customize the appearances of the SmartV screens.

Titan Solution

Titan lets you configure session length and customize the appearances of the SmartV pages.

How to Video

Coming soon.

How to Guide

  1. Complete the Login screen.
  2. Complete the Condition screen.
  3. Complete the Authentication screen.
  4. Complete the Profile screen.
  5. Complete the Registration screen.
  6. Complete the Parameters screen.
  7. Select the Save button to save the project and on the Preview button to preview the project.
  8. At the top middle of the project, open the drop-down list.
  9. Select the SmartV option to open the list.
SmartV options
SmartV options
  1. As an alternative, select the Pages option on the menu bar, and then click on the SmartV option to open the list of SmartV pages.
  1. Select the Login option to preview the Login screen.
Preview the Login screen
Preview the Login screen
  1. Select the Verification option to preview the Verification screen.
Preview the Verification screen
Preview the Verification screen
  1. Select the Registration option to preview the Registration screen.
Preview the Registration screen
Preview the Registration screen
  1. Select the Profile option to preview the Profile screen.
Preview the Profile screen
Preview the Profile screen
  1. Make changes to the settings.
  2. Make changes to the styling.

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