Titan Web Component in Survey

Business Background

Save and add elements as a component in Titan Web in order to be able to include them in your Titan Survey.

Titan Solution

  • Saving and adding reusable elements is a feature of Titan Web.
  • Saving and adding components such as PowerTables, charts, and other useful information, allows them to be re-used in your Titan Survey.
  • These components contain data pulled live from Salesforce and will dynamically change, meaning they won’t look the same to different people, at different times.

How To Video

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How to Guide

  1. Create a component in Titan Web.
  2. Create a new Web Survey.
  3. Add a question slide.
  1. Click on the Misc tab and select the My component option.
  2. Click on the Next button. The Add slide screen opens.
My Component Option
My Component Option
  1. Select a container option and click the Insert button.
Insert button screen
Insert button

The container is added to the slide.


Notice that all the data will be pulled dynamically from Salesforce when the survey taker accesses the survey. All the conditions and business logic to retrieve the data are configured on the component in Titan Web.

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