Salesforce Survey: Question Slide

Business Background

Add a Question Slide to enable customers to respond to survey questions in just a few clicks.

Titan Solution

  • You can add a question slide using Titan Survey.
  • Choose from a range of question types, such as rating scales, star ratings, sliders, lists, image choice, matrix, and lots more.

How To Video

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How to Guide


You can add multiple questions and media elements to a question slide.

  1. Create a new Web Survey.
  2. Click on the Add Slide button. The Add Slide screen opens.
  3. Select the Question Slide option and click on the Next button.
Question Slide for a Salesforce survey.
Question Slide
  1. Select a category slide you want to add to your survey.
    1. Popular
    2. Survey
    3. Input
    4. Time
    5. List
    6. Boolean
    7. Miscellaneous
  2. Select a type of slide, for instance, Text (in the Popular category).
  3. Click on the Insert button.
Add Slide screen for your Salesforce survey.
Add Slide screen

The added question and type of question will show under the slide.

New Slide for your Salesforce survey.
New Slide

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