Distribute a Salesforce Survey via Email using Titan

Business Background

Distribute email surveys with Salesforce automation in real time to improve speed and accuracy.

Titan Solution

  • Use Titan Survey to trigger the email surveys to be sent to the customers using Salesforce email automation.
  • With this method, respondents can respond via a link on a website, email, or any other method they choose.

How to Video

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How to Guide

  1. Create a new Email Survey.
  2. Add a question slide and click the Next button.
  3. Click the Publish button. The Distribution screen opens.
  4. Select the Automation option and click the Next button.
Automation option
Automation option
  1. Select the Object in Salesforce from the drop-down list, for instance, Contact, to identify your recipients.
  2. Choose the Record ID from the drop-down list, for instance, Contact ID.
  3. Choose Email from the drop-down list and click the Next button.
Object in Salesforce drop-down list screen
Object in Salesforce drop-down list
  1. Type a subject in the Email subject in the field.
  2. Send a test email, if required. This is not mandatory.
    • Add a Record ID in the field.
    • Enter your email address in the field.
    • Click the Send Test Email button.
Email option screen
Email option
  1. Type the email address of the Survey Result’s Recipient in the field.
  2. Type any comment in the field. This is a mandatory field.
  3. Click the Generate Distribution ID button. After a few moments, the Distribution screen opens. It shows the Survey ID and the Distribution ID.
Generate Distribution ID button screen
Generate Distribution ID button
  1. Click the Close button.
  2. Learn how to trigger the distribution when you click the Publish button for the following:
Close button screen
Close button

After distribution on Titan, launch your survey in Salesforce using Flow/Process builder/APEX code. In this article, we show you how to launch using Flow.

  1. Select the TitanSurvey__DistributeSurvey option from the Action drop-down list.
  2. Type the label in the Label field to label your action. This is a mandatory field. The Label will also show on the API Name field.
  3. If necessary, type the description in the field. This is not a mandatory field.
  4. Set the Input values:
    • Select a record id from the list; for instance, click the contact option and select the record id option. This is the reference to the contact. You can select from many options, such as Profile, User, System Account, Flow, and more; each option has a reference.
    • Paste the generated Distribution id from the Titan project in the survey_distribution_Id field.
Distribute Survey
  1. Click the Done button.

Interested in the Titan/Salesforce Integration? Read about Salesforce Surveys, check out different types of surveys for Salesforce, and view Titan Survey on the Salesforce AppExchange.

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