Style Survey Elements using Project Level Styles

Business Background

Titan Web offers the option to change theme, layout, and text formatting quickly in just one click. You can make the survey look and feel consistent.

Titan Solution

  • With Titan Web project styles, you can seamlessly configure or import styles such as templatetext, colorfont type, and upload images.
  • You can change the spacing between paragraphs, change how columns are sized, border, and more.

How to Video

In this video, learn how to seamlessly configure project-level styles in a Titan Survey.

  • 00:00 A short intro on the tutorial.
  • 0:13 Learn how you can style your survey in Titan Survey.
  • 0:44 We show you how simple it is to change the background color to match the input field.
  • 1:29 Style the input field by adding a border.
  • 1:55 Change the icon color in a Star Rating Survey.
  • 2:50 Steps to follow to style your project in Titan Survey.

How to Guide

After creating all the necessary questions, style your survey elements using Project Level Styles.

  1. Click on the Project drop-down and select the Theme option. The Theme screen opens.
Project drop-down list screen
Project drop-down list
  1. Select a theme from the Theme list.
Theme list screen
Theme list
  1. Click on the Project drop-down and select the Style option.
  2. Click on the Configure option. The Customize Styles screen.
Configure option style screen
Configure option
  1. Set the following on the Customize Style screen:
    • Simple Elements
    • Complex Elements
    • Project Level Elements
    • ECommerce
    • Scheduler
Customize Style screen
Customize Style screen
  1. For example, you can set the Simple Element as follows:
    • Set the Strip Columns’ width, Font, Padding, Margin, and more.
    • Set the Line Color and Size.
    • Set the Image Size, Border, and Shadow.
Customize Style screen
Customize Style screen

The styling option can be different per element. Select an element to see different options.

  1. Click on the Import Style option to import styles. The Import style screen opens.
Import style option screen
Import style option
  1. Select the style you want to import.
  2. Click on the Apply button.
Import Style selection screen
Import Style selection

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