Add SmartV (2FA) to a Survey

Business Background

Configure SmartV (2FA) with Titan Web Survey, in just a few clicks.

Titan Solution

  • With Titan Survey, you can configure SmartV (2FA) for your web surveys.
  • This enables your business to increase the security of your survey and ensures that only the required recipient will fill it in.
  • SmartV is also useful in helping you verify the person taking the survey.

How to Video

Use Titan Survey to easily add SmartV (2-factor authentication). In this video, we will show you how to add SmartV (2FA) to a web survey.

  • 0:12 Add SmartV (2-factor authentication): Learn more about adding a SmartV (2-factor authentication) to your survey.
  • 1:09 Configure the SmartV: Learn how to configure the SmartV on the User Access option.
  • 1:36 Configure Conditions and Authentication: You can configure conditions and add authentication. We show what an authentication code looks like in Salesforce.
  • 2:04 Publish Survey: Learn how to publish the survey and add objects such as contact.
  • 2:20 Send the survey: You can send the survey using email, SMS, or WhatsApp, using an email template, or creating a custom email.
  • 3:20 Salesforce: You can view the data in Salesforce.

How to Guide

  1. In Titan, create a new Web Survey Project.
  2. Add question slides or information slides.
  1. Click on the Gear icon on the survey project to open the project settings.
Gear Button
Gear Button
  1. Click on the User Access option.
  2. Drag the SmartV toggle switch to switch SmartV on.
  3. Click on the Gear icon to configure the SmartV.
  4. Click here for more information on how to configure the SmartV.

When you preview the survey, the log in screen will be shown.

Customers will have to identify themselves when they log in (for instance, with an email address) and will receive a verification code to proceed to the survey if you configured a verification code.

Preview of Login screen
Log In Preview

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