Easily Install Titan’s Salesforce Survey Package

Business Background

Install Titan Survey Package via the Salesforce AppExchange to enable your business to retrieve customer responses, via web, hybrid, or email surveys, in just a few clicks.

Titan Solution

  • Once you have installed Titan Survey and added it to Salesforce, you can make use of pre-configured mapping, automatic responsiveness, distribution methods native to Salesforce, conditional logic, pre-defined templates, and much more.
  • All Titan Web Surveys work with data pulled directly from Salesforce, and customer responses sync straight back to the CRM platform, ensuring complete automation for your Salesforce surveys.

How To Video

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How to Guide

  1. Navigate to the Salesforce AppExchange, search “Titan Survey”, click enter, and select “Get it Now”:
Prompt package screen
  1. Follow the prompts to install the package, and you are all set!

Read more about the content of our Titan Survey Architecture in the Salesforce data model.

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