Salesforce Survey: Titan Survey Architecture in Salesforce

Business Background

Install Titan Survey Package in Salesforce directly from AppExchange, in just a few clicks.

Titan Solution

  • Titan Survey Architecture is part of the Titan Survey package.
  • Install this package in Salesforce to create, automate, and track customizable web surveys.
  • Titan Survey’s no-code design enables the user to build agile, interactive web surveys by use of a drag-and-drop builder.

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Where can I find Titan Survey Architecture?

The Architecture of Titan Survey is illustrated in the Salesforce Schema Builder below. Read on for a description of these objects and the relationships between them.

Object Breakdown:

Survey Object

The Survey Object holds a record of the survey, which is created by the user.

When a survey is published, a survey record is created under the survey object. Beneath the survey object, there are several related objects including Survey Question and Survey Distribution.

Survey Distribution

This object contains information relevant to the distribution of the survey, for example the status of distribution, the distribution method, and the date or time of scheduled distribution.

The Survey Distribution Object contains a look-up field to the Survey Object.

Survey Taker

This object contains all information relevant to the survey’s recipient.

For example: the date the survey was started and completed, the unique Invitation URL for the survey taker, and the method through which the survey was distributed to the taker.

When the recipient exists as a record in SF (as a contact, lead, etc.), a look-up field to the recipient’s record is created.

The Survey Taker object contains a look-up field to the Survey object. It also has a relationship towards the Survey Distribution object because logically the survey needs to be distributed to the taker.

Survey Question

This object stores all information related to each survey question.

For example, the number of responses to the question, question title, and whether this is a required question for the survey.

The Survey Question object contains a look-up field to the Survey object.

Survey Question Response

The Survey Question Response contains the answer to a question from the survey taker.

Survey Question Response contains a look-up field to the Survey object, as well as to both the Survey Question and Survey Taker.

Survey Tracking

The Survey Tracking object enables one to track the survey being taken. It tracks the status of the survey taker, for example whether the taker has started or completed the survey.

It also logs the IP address of the person taking the survey and designates a Survey Tracking name.

Survey Tracking contains a look-up field to the Survey Taker object.

Survey Log

This object contains the survey logs such as who created the survey, who owns the survey, the survey ID, Record ID, and survey log name.

The Survey Log is not directly related to the other objects but rather to records that require information regarding the survey.

Schema Builder Overview
Schema Builder Overview

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