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Business Background

With Titan, you can get a file from Salesforce in real-time to send it via email, merge it or save it in external storage.

Titan Solution

Admins can configure a File Get Salesforce action easily in Titan Flow with no code. This will let you bring a file from Salesforce to the Titan Flow project.

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How to Guide


Make sure you added a custom variable for the file.

  1. Click on the + icon next to Start. The Add Node screen opens.
+ icon Action
+ icon
  1. Click on the Salesforce Action option and click on the Next button. The Add Node screen opens.
Add Node screen Salesforce Action
Add Node screen
  1. Click the Configure Salesforce Integration button. The Salesforce Integration screen opens.
Configure Salesforce Integration button
Configure Salesforce Integration button
  1. Click on the Create New button. The Map Salesforce fields screen opens.
Create New button Salesforce Action
Create New button
  1. Select the File (Content Version) from the Object from Salesforce drop-down list.
Object Settings Salesforce Action
Object Settings
  1. Under Conditions, set a condition using the drop-down lists.
Conditions Salesforce Action
  1. Under Mapping, map the Salesforce field to your file.
  2. Click on the Apply button.
Mapping Salesforce Action
  1. On the Salesforce Integration screen, click on the Close button.
  2. Select the Salesforce action you created from the drop-down list.
  3. Click on the Next button.
Process Push or Get Drop-Down List
Process Push or Get Drop-Down List
  1. Add a tag name, if necessary, and click on the Insert button.

The action is added to the Flow canvas. You can, for instance, configure an After Finish action, such as sending the file with an email.

Salesforce Action on canvas
The Action on canvas

You can select the file under the Attachments option.

Attachments Option Salesforce Action
Attachments Option

You can trigger the Titan Flow in a Titan Web project.

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