Titan Hybrid Survey

Titan Hybrid Survey functionality will increase the chances of user interaction. The first question is embedded in an email that redirects to a website with the follow-up questions.

Click here to Set up a Hybrid Survey.

The results from both the email and the web survey will be saved in Salesforce with the same survey record. See View the survey taker ID for more information.

You will be allowed to hide the Start and/or Finish slides in the Web Survey. The user will be able to start the survey immediately without an introductory slide. You can use this so that your users can start the survey immediately without having to go through the start page. You can also remove the Finish slide to keep the survey shorter.  This may increase user interaction. See Hide the Start and/or Finish slide for more information.


New Project > Survey > Email Survey > Add Slide

Read more information on Titan Survey Architecture.

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