Set up a Hybrid Survey

Complete the following steps to set up a hybrid survey.

  1. Create an Email Survey. A standard email survey has one question. The Add Slide option was added. This lets you add slides to the normal email survey layout.
Hybrid Survey Type selection screen
Hybrid Survey Type selection screen
  1. Click on the Add Slide option.
Email content screen for a Hybrid survey.
Email content screen
  1. Select the type of slide:
  • Question Slide
  • Information Slide
  • End Slide
Add slide screen for a Hybrid survey.
Add slide screen
  1. Select a slide element, or select multiple slide elements.
  2. Click on Insert. The slide is inserted. You can do this until you have all the slides you need.

You can publish the survey when you have set up all the slides and conditions.

  • The result of the email survey question goes directly to Salesforce, even if the user doesn’t answer any more questions.
  • Any questions that the user completes in the web survey are sent directly to Salesforce.
  • The results from both the email and the web survey will be saved in Salesforce with the same survey record (taker ID and client ID).

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