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Business Background

Set device type to improve your view satisfaction in Titan surveys. This functionality gives a better suited device layout and reduces setup time, in one click.

Titan Solution

  • Use Titan Survey to seamlessly choose a suitable device type layout for desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile.

How to Video

Use Titan Survey to easily create web or email surveys for Salesforce. In this video we will show you how to customize surveys for end user device types in Titan Web Survey.

  • 0:50 Select Device Type: We show you how to select device type view, such as desktop, laptop, mobile, or tablet.
  • 1:11 Device Settings: Learn to set up a new device type and select between manual and auto layout.
  • 1:41 Configure Device Settings: We show you how to configure device conditions, such as adding variables.
  • 2:58 Preview: We show you different screen views according to the selected device.

How to Guide

Set device type to improve your view. You can do the following on different device sizes:

  • Shorten questions on a smaller device compared to larger devices. This means that you can have a shorter title, description, or question for a smaller device size but a longer title, description, or questions for a bigger device layout.
  • You can hide elements (for instance an image) on smaller layouts where space is limited, but show the image on larger devices where space is not an issue.

You cannot change the element type for different device layouts. For instance, checkbox questions on desktop layout will remain checkbox questions on a smaller layout.

  1. Select the device settings drop-down.
  2. Select a device option from the drop-down list:
    • Desktop
    • Laptop
    • Tablet
    • Mobile (L)
    • Mobile (S)
Device Settings Drop-Down Menu
Device Settings Drop-Down Menu

The screen view changes automatically to the selected device layout and the selected device shows on the device settings.

Selected Device Layout
Selected Device Layout
  1.  To reset or completely delete the device type, click on the Device Option kebab.
Reset Or Delete Device Option
Reset Or Delete Device Option

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