Word Add-in: Read Only Fields

Business Background

Use the Read-only fields when sending a contract for collaboration by marking specific sections as read-only. Collaborators with editing rights can view these fields and make edits.

Titan Solution

  • Use the Titan add-in for Word to create read-only fields in your contracts in a few steps.
  • Read-only fields can be viewed, but no one can edit them.

How to Video

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How to Guide

You can mark text in a Word template as read-only. This can, for instance, be a word, part of a sentence, a sentence, a paragraph, or part of a template. Read-only fields cannot be edited by the owner, collaborator/s, or signer/s during the CLM process.



  1. Make sure you have installed and are signed in to the Titan Word add-in.
  2. Create a document, for instance, a contract.
  1. Select the text you want to highlight as read-only.
Highlighted text in Word template
Highlighted text in Word template
  1. Click the Insert/Edit condition option on the Titan toolbar. The Insert Conditions screen opens.
Insert/Edit conditions option
Insert/Edit conditions option
  1. Check the Titan Sign Read Only checkbox and click the Insert button. A condition tag is added on both sides of the read-only text:
Insert Conditions screen
Insert Conditions screen
Condition tags
Condition tags

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