SmartV Styling Registration Screen

You can style the SmartV Registration screen to complement your brand and business needs.

Visit the SmartV Registration page for more information on configuring the SmartV Registration page.

Styling options
Styling options

The SmartV Registration screen has several different aspects that you can style in numerous ways, for instance, changing the font (family, color, or size), adding borders, or changing colors and margins.

Below is an example of some of the changed options:

Example of changed styles
Example of changed styles

1. Registration Box

Change the styling of the Registration Box. This is the entire registration screen excluding the Page setting (number 8 on the images).

2. Title

Change the styling of the Title, for instance, “Sign Up.”

3. Description

Change the styling of the Description, for instance, “Fill out the fields below to create an account.”

4. Button

Change the styling of the Buttons (Default, Hover, and Clicked), for instance, “Continue.” You can set different styling to default, hover, and clicked buttons. The options are the same under Default, Hover, and Clicked.

5. Progress

Change the styling of the Progress bar. The progress bar that is shown when the user has entered their details and clicked on the button.

6. Sign In Label

Change the styling of the Sign In Label. This is the text that prompts the user to sign up, for instance, “Already have an account?”

Change the styling of the Sign In Link. This is the link that the user must click to open the Registration screen, for instance, “Log in.”

8. Page

Change the styling of the Page. This is the page background behind the Registration Box.


Use the Captions option to change the wording of the following:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Sign In Label
  • Sign In Link

Hidden Title

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