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Change the static value mapping of the button group after you have added it to the Web project. Set pre-defined labels, values and/or descriptions using Static Values. These values are set on a project level and are not pulled from Salesforce.

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How to Guide

The Edit Mapping option for static values is available for the button group elements.

  1. Click the expand (+) icon next to the settings icon in Titan Web. A list of elements will show.
  2. Select the Input option from the list.
  3. Drag and drop the Button Group element to the canvas.
  4. Click the Button Group Gear icon to open the Button Group Settings screen.
  5. Under Content, click the Edit Mapping button to add mapping for the Static Values. The Configure items screen opens.
  1. Type the names of the buttons in the Label fields.
    • The label (1) is presented to the user, and the value (2) is not shown.
    • Labels and values can be the same or different.
    • When you push data to Salesforce, you can decide to push the label or value.
  2. Type a description (3) underneath the Label if necessary. This is added information to the label.
Configure Items screen
Configure Items screen
  1. If necessary, select the Default radio button (4) to set a label as a default. This option is optional.
    • The option selected as default is automatically selected, but the user can change the selection.
    • Click the Clear Default option (5) to clear the default.
  2. Click the Edit icon (6) to add icons to the button. The Icons screen opens.
Configure Items screen
Configure Items screen
  1. Add an icon for the button statuses as necessary:
    • Default: This is the default state of the button.
    • Hover: When a user hovers with the mouse over the button.
    • Clicked: When the button is clicked.
    • Selected: When a user selects a button.
  2. To add an icon to a button status, click the status on the left and click the Select from Library button. The Select Icon screen opens.
Icons screen
Icons screen
  1. Configure any icons for the button’s state.
  2. Click the Apply button on the Select icon screen.
Select icons screen
Select icons screen
  1. Click the Apply button on the Icons screen when you have configured the icons where needed.
Icons screen
  1. Repeat the steps for each button status as necessary.

More options on the Configure Items screen

  1. Click the Kebab icon to open the options when necessary.
    • On Click action: Click this option to configure an on click action.
    • Clone: Click to make an exact copy of a button.
  2. Click the Add a choice option to add more buttons, if necessary.
  3. Repeat the steps as necessary for all the buttons.
  4. Click the Apply button.
Configure Items screen
Configure Items screen

The following example shows icons for the different states.


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