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Display the Salesforce Default values as the element default values, in just a few clicks. The Salesforce Default option is available on the Drop-down, Multiselect, Checkbox, Radio, and Button Group elements. This option allows you to sync Salesforce’s default value as the element’s default value.

How to Video

  • 0:02 An introduction to Salesforce Default.
  • 0:13 We show you default values in Salesforce.
  • 0:45 Navigate to the Index Settings.
  • 1:04 Learn how to set the Salesforce default.
  • 1:08 Preview the updated project.

How to Guide

  1. Select the expand (+) icon next to the settings icon in Titan Web. A list of elements will show.
  2. Select the Input element option from the list.
  3. Select and drag the Multi-Select Picklist element option to the canvas.
  4. Select the Multi-Select Picklist settings Gear icon. The Multi-Select Picklist Settings screen opens. The Content list is shown by default.
Content option screen sync from salesforce
Content option 
  1. Select the Dynamic Values radio button.
  2. Select the Sync from Salesforce button. The Sync from Salesforce screen opens.
Sync from Salesforce screen
Sync from Salesforce screen
  1. Select an Object from the drop-down list, for example, Account.
  2. Select a field from the drop-down list to choose the source containing the items in Salesforce.
  3. Select the Apply button. The drop-down will show the information from the object you selected.
  4. Select the Multi-Select Picklist Settings Gear icon. The Multi-Select Picklist Settings screen opens.
  5. Select the Interactivity option from the list.
  6. Select the Salesforce Default value checkbox to get picklists from Salesforce.
salesforce default value
Salesforce Default option
  1. Save and Preview the project.

The multiselect picklist will show the information from the object you selected. See the example below.

Salesforce default example
Salesforce default values example

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