December 8th, 2023

New Features

Titan Web

Input Element Improvements

You can now hide the following icons:

  • Search icon on the lookup element.
  • Date icon on the date and date/time elements.
  • Time icon on the time element.

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Titan Docs

Swiss Invoice QR Code Improvements

We made improvements to the Swiss Invoice QR Code.  Read More.

Bug Fixes

Titan Web

We resolved the error that affected the border of the address finder element when focussing out. We also improved the API error handling on the element.

The Store Error Messages in a Variable functionality didn’t work correctly on a power table with the quick update option enabled. Our team fixed this.

Learn more about how to store error messages in variables.

Please note that we renamed the Diff Viewer widget to the Text Comparison widget. This is a cosmetic change and didn’t affect the functionality.

Learn more about the Text Comparison widget.

A bug occurred when an email was sent with formatted date/time fields in a hidden strip. Our team resolved this.

We added aria accessibility to the tracker element.

When translating the values in a project from a CSV file, an empty tooltip was incorrectly displayed. We fixed this bug.

Learn more about translations in Titan Web.

A drop-down element with a condition set to get a single value from a JSON didn’t display correctly on older iOS versions. The team resolved this issue. When the JSON had multiple values, the drop-down worked correctly.

We fixed the tab interactivity that wasn’t working correctly.

When using the outline variant for the address finder widget and then resizing the preview window, the widget’s border disappeared. This was resolved.

We fixed a bug on the lookup element where the field didn’t clear as expected.

We made cosmetic UI changes to the translation actions flow screens.

We fixed a bug that occurred on a large tab element where the scrolling function didn’t work correctly, and the LWC was not resizing as expected.

There was a bug on the stepper and tab elements that affected the interactivity conditions. Our team fixed this.

We resolved a JS error in a repeated autofit container on the Conditions option on the elements’ Settings screen.

A power table in an IFrame had a momentary glitch. This was fixed.

We resolved an issue on the address finder where the static region setting didn’t work correctly.

Return parameters from a Flow project environment variable didn’t work as expected but we fixed it.

We made small cosmetic UI changes to the Salesforce Integration screen.

Viewing files with the .xlsx file extension caused an error in the file viewer element. We improved the element to be able to view .xlsx files.

We fixed a bug that occurred when redirecting to a modal with Google SSO enabled.

We added the values of the quantity counter to the Salesforce Integration actions. These values can now be pushed to Salesforce.

A power table didn’t load correctly after a SmartV login. This was fixed.

Titan Survey

We fixed a bug that occurred on the Conditions screen when a Web survey was distributed via an object.

You can now embed a Titan Survey in your own webpage by using external distribution.

Learn more about external distribution.

We resolved bugs in the Email Survey functionality.

We fixed errors on the text element that affected an email survey.

Titan Docs

We fixed an error that occurred when trying to download or save a generated document.

Titan Sign

The font size in Sign messages became very big. Our team fixed this issue.

The contents of interactive fields on a document signed by a second person rotated 90 degrees. This was incorrect, and we corrected it.

When uploading a PDF that was rotated in Sign, a message will show stating that rotating is not supported.

Titan Platform

The pagination on the My Submissions screen didn’t work as expected. We improved the pagination to display the correct number of submissions per page.

A newly created Titan account will have the default save data and archive settings.

Learn more about how to save data and use the archive settings.

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