Two-Factor Authentication

Business Background

Send a contract to different collaborators for their input and then have the contract signed by the designated signers with improved online account security. Two-Factor Authentication adds an extra layer of security to an account. This method ensures that the person trying to access an online account is who they say they are. It enhances the security process as users have to provide two different authentication factors to verify themselves.

Titan Solution

Using Titan CLM, our contract lifecycle tool, tailor-made for Salesforce, you can automate signing processes for your clients, and streamline contract approvals in minutes with an extra level of protection to user accounts in the form of two-factor authentication. Make sure that the intended recipient reviews and/or signs the contract.

How to Video

How to Guide

Add two-factor authentication as follows:

2-Factor authorization radio button
2-Factor authorization radio button
  1. Under Document Access, click in the 2-Factor authorization radio button. The Edit button is added.
  2. Click on the Edit button. The Custom Message screen opens.
Custom Message screen
Custom Message screen
  1. Use this screen to create a custom message. You can drag and drop elements from the bottom of the screen to the message content.
Custom Message screen - HTML option
Custom Message screen – HTML option
  1. As an alternative, use the HTML toggle switch to create a new custom message.
  2. Click on the Apply button.
2FA mail Set
2FA mail Set
  1. Click on the Save button to save the project.

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