CLM in Flow

Business Background

Pre-populate the CLM wizard and launch it from a Salesforce flow.

Titan Solution

  • Use Titan Flow to auto-populate all collaborators and signers from a Salesforce flow.
  • For the contract, the flow uses a file that exists in Salesforce in a .docx format.
  • Once the flow is triggered, a wizard screen will be displayed on Salesforce, and the user can launch the pre-defined CLM process.

How to Video

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How to Guide


Use a single .DOCX file.

The Titan Flow will work with files that exist in Salesforce.

  1. Choose Screen Flow.
  2. Variables:
    • recordid (Text)
    • fileids (Text, collection) – Will store the id of ContentVersion / attachment, which can be a single DOCX FILE.
    • collaborators (Apex-Defined, collection, Class: Form_Builder__TitanSignWizardCollaboratorStructure)
    • Collaborator (Apex-Defined, Class: Form_Builder__TitanSignWizardCollaboratorStructure)
    • Signers (Apex-Defined, collection, Class: Form_Builder__TitanSignWizardUserStructure)
    • Signer (Apex-Defined, Class: Form_Builder__TitanSignWizardUserStructure)
  1. Define the collaborators and signers in Apex Defined variables:
VariableOptional ValueRemarks
collaborator > CollaboratorTypeEditor, Owner, CommentsIf an owner is not defined, it will be set automatically as the user who runs the flow.
collaborator > EmailMandatory
collaborator > FirstName
collaborator > LastName
signer > EmailMandatory
signer > FirstName
signer > LastName
  1. Action: TITAN Sign Wizard
    • Wizard Type: CLM
    • Enable: collaborators, files or attachment ids, Record Id, signers

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