Offline Mode

Business Background

When users are online, and the internet connection fails while processing their requests, their requests records are automatically removed from the page. Offline Mode allows you to push data to Salesforce when you don’t have internet access or connection. When the internet connection is restored users can restore the requests and resubmit.

Titan Solution

Give users an option to resubmit failed request when they were offline.

How to Video

  • 0:01 Introduction.
  • 0:26 View your mapped Salesforce push.
  • 0:56 We show you how to preview and complete the form.
  • 1:45 Learn how to inspect the network.
  • 2:40 Learn how to enable offline mode.

How to Guide


Ensure that you added a push in Salesforce and mapped your Salesforce options. Use a button to trigger an onclick action.

  1. Select the Gear icon next to the plus (+) icon in Titan Web. The Project settings screen opens.
  2. Select the Tools option.
  3. Enable the Offline Mode toggle.
  4. Select the Save and Preview button.
Offline Mode option screen
Offline Mode option
  1. Complete the form and select the Save Contact button.
Form example screen
Form example screen
  1. Right-click on the Preview screen and select the Inspect option on the context menu.
Inspect option screen
Inspect option screen
  1. Select the drop-down next to the internet icon.
  2. Select the Offline option to set the browser offline. The Failed Request button will show on the screen.
Offline option screen
Offline option screen
  1. Select the Failed Request button to view failed requests. The Salesforce Request Status screen opens.
Failed button screen
Failed button screen
  1. You can only view details of the failed request on the screen when you are offline. The screen shows that you are currently in offline mode.
Salesforce Request Status screen
Salesforce Request Status screen
  1. When you are back online Titan will show the last session of your request. You can select the Load button and reload the previous session.
Load button
Load button
  1. Select the checkbox next to the request and do the following:
    • Run the request. A confirmation massage will show to confirm your request.
    • Edit the request. The request form will be reloaded, and you can make changes.
    • View request details.
Salesforce Request Status screen
Salesforce Request Status screen

A confirmation massage will show when you select the Run button. Select the Yes button to run the request.

When you are back online you can select a request you want to run and select the Run button. When you select run option the requests be automatically removed on the list.

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