Business Background

In simple terms, a modal (also called a modal window) is a web page element that deactivates the standard content page and requires the end user to interact with the content in the modal to go back to the main window.

The benefit of using modals is directing the users’ attention to a significant action or piece of information on a website or application. It could be a cookie notification that a user must accept before being allowed to continue, or it could be a login screen or advertisement.

Titan Solution

You can add and customize modals with no code and in a few clicks using Titan Web.

How to Guide


Click here for the best practices for working with modals.

  1. Create a modal to the Web canvas.
  2. Add elements to a modal.
  3. Configure the modal settings:
    • Layout
    • Interactivity
    • Conditions
    • Animation
    • Metadata
  4. Configure the styling:
    • Modal
    • Column (select the column)
    • Title
    • Icon (Default and/or Hover and/or Clicked)
    • Content

Hidden Title

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