Hide Skeleton

Business Background

Hide the skeleton loader to improve user experience when the project loads.

Titan Solution

With Titan Web, you can hide the skeleton image of the loading page while the content is being fetched or processed. The following elements are affected by this functionality:

  • Strip
  • Typography
  • Image
  • Power Table
  • Pricing Table
  • TreeView
  • Youtube
  • Banner
  • Charts

How to Video

  • Coming soon!

How to Guide

The skeleton (horizontal lines) is shown when the page loads.

Skeleton shown
Skeleton shown

To switch it off, do the following:

  1. Click the Gear icon to open the Project settings.
Gear icon
Gear icon
  1. Select the Site Elements option.
  2. Use the toggle switch to enable Hide Skeleton.
Hide Skeleton toggle switch
Hide Skeleton toggle switch
  1. Save and Preview the project. The skeleton lines are no longer shown.
Skeleton hidden
Skeleton hidden

Hidden Title

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