Add a Video to a Strip

Business Background

Add a video to a strip, using Titan, in just a few clicks.

Titan Solution

  • With Titan Web, you can add a video to a strip, and customize the presentation of the video on your strip, to suit your business needs.

How to Video

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 0:02 Learn how to add a video to the strip.
  • 0:11 We show you where you find the strip styling button.
  • 0:32 Watch what happens when you click on the use video button.
  • 0:54 Learn how you make a cover.
  • 1:00 Once done, click save and preview how your video is in the strip.
  • 1:18 Listen to the important notes to remember.
  • 1:27 We recap the steps to follow.
  • 1:39 And that’s it.

How to Guide


Strip > Style > Fill > Use video button > Cover video checkbox

  1. Navigate to Titan Web Application.
  2. Select the strip’s Styling button. The Strip Styling screen opens.
  3. Under Strip, choose the Fill option.
  4. Click the Use video button.
  5. Select the Cover video checkbox if you want the video to cover the entire strip, regardless of device size. You can also choose to limit the maximum video size.
Strip settings>Strip>Use Video>Cover Photo
Strip settings>Strip>Use Video>Cover Photo
  1. To add the source of the video, select Add Video Source.
Add video source button
Add video source button

You have a range of source options to choose from, such as MPEG-4, iPhone Index, and Windows Media. You can then choose to apply this to all strips on a page, or project, copy to a theme, or convert to a global class.

Source selection options
Source selection options

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