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Design, build, and connect engaging web surveys that integrate with your Salesforce without a single line of code.

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Use Titan Survey to easily create web surveys for Salesforce. In this video, learn more about the capabilities of Titan Survey, how to create a web survey, and the depth of our Salesforce integration.

  • 0:13 Create a survey with multiple slides: We provide you with the ability to create a survey with multiple slides that allow your clients to provide feedback. Their responses are pushed to Salesforce without doing any configuration in Salesforce.
  • 0:34 Who can use it? Anyone. Whether you are a Salesforce administrator, architect or developer, business user, or whether you are in marketing, this is for you.
  • 1:04 Easy-to-use user interface: Titan Survey has an easy-to-use user interface that lets you select from several question types to add to different slides. All you must do is choose the questions. All data types, such as ranking, lists, or sliders, are available. No code. No configuration. You can easily add this survey to your website.
  • 1:44 Published survey: We show you what a published survey looks like.
  • 2:12 What happens in Salesforce? You don’t need any configuration in Salesforce. After the user submits a survey, we create the objects and responses for you. You can view the survey distribution, survey questions, the total number of people who took the survey, and their responses in Salesforce. Each response is recorded according to its question.
  • 2:50 Survey analytics on the dashboards: We create excellent survey analytics for you in Salesforce. We create a dashboard for you with all survey activities, such as statuses, takers, abandoned takers, and many more.
  • 3:31Distribution methods: We create several distribution methods, such as the following:
    • Salesforce Report
    • Salesforce List View
    • Salesforce Object
    • Automation
    • URL
  • 3:54 Conditional logic: You also have the freedom to add conditional logic.
  • 4:45 How do you get Titan Survey? Get your Survey tool from Salesforce AppExchange now, and we will do the rest.

How to Guide

Web surveys are the most productive way to collect data using the internet because it saves time.

You can send multiple questions in a web survey and set up conditional logic to customize the respondent’s journey.

All Titan Web surveys work with data pulled directly from Salesforce, and customer responses sync straight back to Salesforce, ensuring complete automation for your surveys.

For more information on how to configure a Web survey:

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