Send a Salesforce Survey via Email with Titan

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Increase your response rate by up to 50% with Titan’s Email Surveys. Use the Titan Survey to design beautiful emails with embedded survey questions within the email body to get immediate responses.

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Use Titan Survey to easily create web or email surveys for Salesforce. In this video, learn more about the Titan Email Survey overview and the depth of our Salesforce integration.

  • 0:08 Learn more about the Email Survey.
  • 0:18 We provide you with the ability to create a survey that can be responded to directly from an email and push responses without configuration in Salesforce.
  • 0:25 Who can design it? Anyone. Whether you are a Salesforce administrator, architect or developer, business user, or whether you are in marketing, this is for you.
  • 0:57 Titan Email Survey has an easy-to-use user interface that lets you choose a question from a slide.
  • 1:22 You can view the questions and responses in your surveys for Salesforce.
  • 2:00 You can view the survey dashboard with all survey activities, such as statuses, takers, abandoned takers, survey questions, the total number of people who took the survey, and their responses in Salesforce. Each response is recorded according to its question.
  • 2:19 Learn more about our popular distribution methods such as a report, list view, object, automation, and external.
  • 2:46 You also have the freedom to add conditional logic.

How to Guide

An e-mail survey is one of the most efficient methods to collect data in a single question.

Use an email survey to ask an important question.

Response rates to email surveys are much higher than traditional surveys because they are much more accessible to the customer to click on an answer while they read the email.

For more information on how to configure the email survey:

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