Survey File Upload

Business Background

A file upload question type offers a business the added benefit of creating an interactive survey by retrieving supporting documents easily.

Titan Solution

  • Titan Survey allows you to add and customize a file upload question type to your survey.
  • This question type allows respondents to upload one or many documents or files to your survey with a single click which Titan will push directly to Salesforce.

How To Video

Use Titan Survey to easily create web or email surveys for Salesforce. In this video, we will show you how to use the file upload question type.

  • 0:13 Add File Upload question: Learn how to add the File Upload question type.
  • 0.35 Change Icon label: You can change the label icon, the No Files Label, and you can specify the maximum number of files that can be uploaded. You can also change many other settings, such as compressing images.
  • 1.07 Edit Interactivity: You can Hide Onload, Disable, Hide Asterisk, and Hide Error Text checkboxes.
  • 1:17 Publish Survey: Learn how to publish the survey and add objects, such as contact.
  • 1:28 Add Conditions: We show you how to add conditions, such as your Last Name.
  • 1:39 Distribution Method: You can choose your distribution methods, such as Mail, SMS, or WhatsApp.
  • 1:48 Choose Content: Choose content, such as an Email Template or Custom Email.
  • 1:53 Send Survey: We show you how to send the survey.
  • 2:09 View Survey Email: Learn how to view the survey link in your email and see how it works.
  • 2:58 Salesforce: View your questions and responses in Salesforce.

How to Guide

With Titan Survey, the Start slide and Finish slide are added automatically.

  1. Create a new Web Survey.
  2. Add a question slide and click on the Next button.
  1. Click the Misc category and select the File Upload option.
  2. Click the Insert button.
File Upload option
File Upload option
  1. Type your question in the text field.
  2. Type the description if necessary.
Text Field
Text Field
  1. Click on the Label Icon edit button.
  2. Select the type of icon and click on the Apply button.
Label Icon Button
Label Icon Button

The label changes according to your choice.

The file will be stored under the survey taker’s response record.

Inserted Label Example
Inserted Label Example

Hidden Title

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