May 13th, 2022

New Features

Titan Web

Configure Actions for Doc Gen Edit Mode

We added the ability for you to edit an uploaded DocGen document before an action, for instance, submit, print, download or email. The document can be launched from a button or the DocGen component. The edit does not affect the original document. Read More

Add Video to Strip

You can now add a cover video. Read More

Create a Reusable Actions Flow Library

You can save an actions flow to the Action Flow Library for future use on all the pages of a project. The library is currently limited to a project and will not be available across different projects. Read More

Auto-Suggestions in a Lookup

We added an option on the interactivity of a Lookup element to allow autosuggestions. The Auto Suggest option is on by default. Read More

Format Numbers and Values on Charts

We added format configuration to the Y-axis on Pie Chart Configuration. This will enable you to shorten the numbers on the chart. Read More

Option to add a Security header to Web

An option to add a Security header to Web was implemented.  Read More

Titan Forms

Option to add a Security Header to Forms

An option to add a Security header to Forms was implemented. Read More

Titan Survey

Customize your Survey with Rich Text

  • Rich text was enabled for email questions and descriptions. 
  • The email body contents can be aligned.
  • The web survey contents can be aligned. 

Read More


Titan Flow

Invoke a Salesforce APEX Action from Titan

We added Salesforce APEX and Salesforce Flow to Flow on the Add Node screen. Read More

Invoke External API using Titan Flow

Any API can be triggered, parameters can be sent, and authentication can be done. Read More

Bug Fixes

Titan Web

We fixed several cosmetic issues:

  • a text display anomaly for the text in the drop-down element for fixed and standard variants.
  • display issues with the height and width of drop-down and multi-select picklist elements for devices smaller than laptop size.

We fixed several errors when mapping Salesforce fields.

  • We fixed the URL placeholder to display as follows: /flow/Your_Flow_API_Name

Titan Docs

We fixed a bug where, even when a condition was turned off, the rule was applied.

Titan Survey

We fixed a bug where the Next and Back buttons on slides displayed differently styled arrows.

Users were not able to remove the Question or Description text in Hybrid surveys. This was fixed.

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