March 29th, 2024

New Features

Titan Web

Multistep Container Styling Improvement

We added styling options for the scrollbar on multistep containers.

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Refer to this article for more information on scrollbar styling.

Titan Sign

Hide Print Icon

You can now hide the print icon on a document. Read More

Bug Fixes

Titan Web

We enhanced the styling capabilities for the stepper element, which gives better support for responsive mobile layouts.

Learn more about the position styling.

When the Accessibility functionality was on, long labels in the drop-down element were not wrapped. We fixed this, and a styling bug.

We made a small UI change on the Column Settings screen for power tables. The label no longer reads “Clearable” but “Enable Clear Icon”.

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Learn more about how to enable the clear icon.

We improved the validation of the secret and public keys for Stripe processor configuration.

Learn more about Stripe payments.

The software has been updated to show the horizontal kebab icon on a form element when the mouse pointer hovers over the column number. When clicking the horizontal Kebab menu, the column menu options are shown.

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Learn more about how to insert a form.

We identified an issue where it was not possible to save a rule to the Actions Flow library. We resolved this.

Learn more about the reusable Actions Flow Library.

The spacing styling on the form element didn’t work as expected. We corrected this.

A problem was identified in which the custom tooltip on a line chart disappeared when the mouse pointer was moved. This was fixed.

The messages on elements with a condition on an embedded form didn’t display where they were expected. Our team resolved this bug.

Titan Platform

The “Open Case” option on the Titan Bot didn’t work correctly. Our team resolved this.

Learn how to log a support case.

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