January 19th, 2024

New Features

Titan Platform

New filtering options have been added for Titan Sign and Forms 1.0. Read more

Titan Web

We added edit mode properties for Interactive Documents. Read more via in our articles on Salesforce document generation templates, actions for doc gen mode, and edit mode for document generation.

We added the Salesforce option when configuring Interactive Document element settings. Read more

Bug Fixes

Titan Web

 Resolved a UI/ UX bug on the Titan Web builder.

We improved the styling functionality of the text comparison widget.

In addition, we fixed these issues:

  • Added text wasn’t highlighted correctly.
  • The widget didn’t work on a repeated strip and column, or a repeat autofit container.
  • The columns could not be selected when configuring an affect element condition.

For more information on the widget, click here 

When using a node to select a row in a power table and then running a condition that affects the selected row, a bug occurred when selecting the first row. Our team fixed this.

 The hover modal didn’t display correctly, and there was an error with the “Auto-resize height” functionality on an accordion container.  These issues were fixed.

 It was not possible to use the right-click Cut option to remove a form from a stepper container. This was resolved.

We fixed several bugs on the Doughnut chart element.

Tokens are now working correctly for the Pelecard payment integration.


Titan Survey

There was a bug affecting the email submit flow on a custom flow in an email survey. This has been resolved.

Titan Sign

 Any value set as true in Titan Flow will now be auto-reflected in the Titan Sign Wizard. 

When setting a value to a drop-down, the dependent drop-down will now sync.

Titan Platform

Fixed the help link on the New Project button. 

Titan Flow

When uploading files to an SFTP, the connection to the SFTP was only sometimes closed correctly. We fixed this. 

Titan Forms

When mapping Salesforce fields, there were some styling issues affecting both the Get and Push conditions. This is fixed. 

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