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What are Submissions?

My Submissions are data that end users provide, and that will be synced with Salesforce. The end user’s data and files are captured and stored. You can save data in draft mode, which won’t push to Salesforce, and continue to work on it at any time. Storing the input to submit is vital in case resubmission is required. You can save the raw data that is submitted to Salesforce.



  1. Open a Titan Web Project.
  2. Navigate to Project Settings > Salesforce option > Push option (on the Salesforce Integration screen) > Create New or Edit My Push Integrations > Advanced option (on the Map Salesforce fields screen) > Save to My Submissions checkbox:

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How Can You Navigate My Submissions?

  1. Select the My Submissions tab on the Titan dashboard.
My Submissions option
My Submissions option
  1. Learn more about My Submissions.
OptionLink page
Filter submissionsVisit Filter submissions to learn how to find specific data and files using search criteria.
ResubmitView Resubmit to find out how to sync updated data to Salesforce to ensure submissions are successful.

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