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Why Would You Need to Resubmit Data?

When users submit incomplete forms, it can effect how data is captured in Salesforce. Users can amend existing or failed submissions, this data will require a resubmit to Salesforce to ensure the information is captured correctly.

How to Video

  • 0:01 Introduction.
  • 0:15 We show you a preview of a project.
  • 1:16 Learn how to enable Save to My submission option.
  • 1:43 We show you how to update submissions.
  • 2:32 Learn how to Resubmit.
  • 3:13 We show you how to resubmit in an order.

How can you Navigate the Resubmit Function?

  1. Web project > Project > My Submissions
  2. Dashboard > My Submissions

In this example, the submissions are viewed from the Dashboard.

  1. Click the My Submission tab.
  2. Select a project from the drop-down list. Alternatively, click on the Select Project button and choose a project from the list. A list of submissions shows.
My submission option
My submission option
  1. Select the corresponding checkbox of the item in the submission list. You can edit more than one submission at the same time.

How can you Edit a Single Project?

  1. Click the Edit icon to edit the submission state. The Edit Submission State screen opens.
Edit icon
Edit icon
  1. Edit the submission; for instance, add the missing information and click the Save button.
Edit Submission State screen
Edit Submission State screen
  1. Click the Resubmit option to update the submission. The Please Confirm screen opens.
Resubmit option
Resubmit option
  1. Click the Yes button. A confirmation message shows that the data resubmission is successful.
Please Confirm screen
Please Confirm screen

The Push is resubmitted and will show “Success” in the status column if the submission was successful.

How can you Edit All Submissions?

  1. Select the All Checkbox to edit all submissions.
  2. Edit submissions from the list and click on the Resubmit All option. This resubmits all data simultaneously.
Resubmit All
  1. Use the Resubmit Index spinner button to adjust the numbering on the field to resubmit your submissions in an order.
Resubmit Index
Resubmit Index

How can you View Failed Submissions?

  1. Use the Status drop-down list to view Failed submissions. An error message is displayed to assist with troubleshooting the reason for the failure.
Failed submissions
Failed submissions

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