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What Options do the Log Settings offer?

You can choose how to receive logs, what logs are included in a report, and include additional email addresses for easy tracking. Customizing how logs are tracked and sent can assist with resolving errors timeously.

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How can you change your Log Settings?

  1. Click the Settings tab and navigate to the Logs sub-tab.
  2. Select the Integrations option and click the Gear icon. The Log Settings screen opens.
Gear icon
Gear icon
  1. Click in a checkbox to select as follows:
    • You can disable the integration logs.
      • A confirmation message is shown: “Disable Integration Logs? Are you sure? No integration logs will be stored in the system.”
      • Click the Yes button to confirm.
    • You will receive integration errors via emails when you select the Email me errors checkbox.
    • When selecting the Include request data in the email checkbox, you will receive the request data in the emails.
    • When you select the Send error also to checkbox, you can add an email address and that recipient will also receive the error emails.
Log Settings screen
Log Settings screen
  1. Click the Reset button to reset the log screen if you have selected a project.
Reset button
Reset button
  1. Click the Refresh icon to refresh the log screen.
Refresh icon
Refresh icon

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