Explore Integration Logs

What are Integration Logs used for?

Integration logs provide a back-end view of your integrations. From insight into schedules and triggered tasks to the results. Use these logs to troubleshoot integration issues and implement solutions.

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How you can Access and Filter Integration Logs

  1. Click the Settings tab and navigate to the Logs sub-tab.
  2. Click the Integrations option.
Integrations log screen

Filter Integrations Logs

You can view Logs according to a project.

  1. Click the Select object button to view logs per project. The Select an object screen opens.
Select object button
Select object button
  1. Use All to show all the projects, or filter the projects per type by selecting an option on the left, for instance, Web or Survey.
  1. Alternatively, use the Search functionality to search for a project by name.
  2. Click Sort by to sort projects by Last Opened or Name.

You can view Logs according to a status.

  1. Click the drop-down list to filter the integration logs according to status:
    • All
    • Error
    • Success
    • Warning
  1. Click the Reset button to reset the log screen if you have selected a project.
Reset button
Reset button
  1. Click the Refresh icon to refresh the log screen.
Refresh icon
Refresh icon

Learn how to export the current integration logs.

Use the log settings.

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