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How do Document Generation Settings Improve my Product Experience?

Enable document generation access to make it easier for users to create, edit, and customize documents. This means that you can create rich-format interactive documents based on templates. You can also control API access in this setting window.

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  • 0:01 Introduction.
  • 0:06 We show you how to set the settings.
  • 1:08 Learn about document sign settings and how to change the email header and footer.

How can you Configure your Document Generation Settings?


You will need to enable your API Submissions Access before proceeding.

  1. Select the Settings tab and navigate to the Document Generation sub-tab.
    • The Settings screen is displayed by default.
API Settings Screen
  1. If this is your first time using document generation, enable the Allow API Access option.
  2. Select the Reset button to reset the API Key.
    • This should only be done if necessary.
  3. You can create the following Connected App manually, in Salesforce, or automatically through Titan:
    • Customize Private URL
    • Remote Site Settings
    • CSP Trusted Site
  4. Select the Apply button. A success confirmation message will show, and the document sign option will be available depending on your purchased package.

Always ensure you have the latest version of Titan running before saving changes.

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