Learn about API Access

How does API Access Affect my Projects?

API access is vital for Titan outputs, for example, document generation and Titan Flow. Grant API access to Objects, Themes, Reports, Users, Submissions, and General Statistics.

How to Video

  • 0:01 Introduction.
  • 0:20 Learn how to enable API Access.
  • 0:44 We show you how to Reset API Key.

How can you change your API Access?

  1. Select the Settings tab and navigate to the API sub-tab.
API Settings Screen
API option
  1. Select the Allow API Access button to enable the API access.

For information and details for external APIs, visit Titan API Portal.

  1. You can select the Reset button to reset the API Key.

Note that resetting your API key will seriously affect your Titan processes in Salesforce.

  1. Select the checkbox to allow API access to activate different APIs within Titan. These APIs are linked from an external location to the following:
API option screen
API option

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