Buy Digital Signatures

What are Digital Signatures?

Buy our easy-to-use Digital Signatures. Digital Signatures are used to verify and sign a document, whereas e-signatures are used to verify a document only. Digital signature subscriptions are valid for a year. Your digital signature quota will not be exhausted monthly and is used up on an annual basis.

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How to Video

  • 0:01 Learn how to buy Digital Signatures.
  • 0:21 We show you how to select a suitable digital signature package.
  • 0:28 Learn how to get Titan or Self-certificate.
  • 1:09 View signature usage.

How can you Buy More Digital Signatures?

  1. Select the My Account tab and navigate to the Billing sub-tab.
  2. Select the Buy More button on the Digital Signature option. The Buy Digital Signature screen opens.
Digital Signatures option screen
Digital Signatures option
  1. Select a package from the list. These signature packages are valid for a year.
    • $160 for 100 signatures.
    • $800 for 500 signatures.
    • $1600 for 1000 signatures.
    • Or contact the Titan Team for a custom package.
  2. Type the Credit card details, this includes the Card NumberExpiry Month, and Expiry Year.
Buy Digital Signature screen
Buy Digital Signatures screen
  1. Type the card Security Code in the field. For Mastercard/Visa type the three digits on the back of the card, for American Express type the four digits on the front of the card. The total amount of the service will show on the screen.
  2. Select the Pay with Credit Card button. Your purchased digital signature will be listed under Signatures Used.
Security Code field screen
Security Code field

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