Learn How to Assign Collaborators

What Happens when you Assign Collaborators?

Collaborators are users that generate documents from Salesforce and can trigger processes within Titan and send results to customers.

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How do you Assign Collaborators?


You must have a power user or administrator role to make changes or assign users.

  1. Select the My Account tab and select the Users subtab.
Collaborator option screen
Collaborator option screen
  1. Select the Assign button on the Collaborators option to assign Collaborators. The Add Collaborators screen opens.
  2. You can Assign Collaborators from the SF users, SF profiles, or SF Permission Sets tabs.
Add Collaborators screen
Add Collaborators screen
  1. You can select the drop-down list to filter users by Name or Profile ID; depending on the chosen tab, options might differ. Alternatively, you can use the search function to search for users.
Filter field screen
Filter field
  1. Select the checkbox next to the user to choose a user.
  2. Select the Next button. The Add Collaborators screen opens.
Void screen
Void screen
  1. Select the Form and/or Sign tabs to give users the following permission:
    • Select the Forms checkbox to give access to generate documents.
    • Select the Sign checkbox to give access to Titan Sign documents.
      • Select the Void checkbox to cancel the process of the signature you sent in Titan Sign.
Form and Sign tabs screen
Form and Sign tabs
  1. You can select the Application Access tab to grant users access to the following options: 
    • Select the Sign Wizard in Salesforce checkbox to grant users access to Sign Wizard in Salesforce.
    • Select the Titan Documents add-on in MS Word checkbox to grant users access to Titan MS Word documents.
    • Type a descriptive name in the Name field to describe who is given permissions.
Add collaborators' screen
Add collaborators’ screen
  1. Select the Finish button. The collaborator will be added to the collaborators’ screen.

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